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We are a fun and friendly company based in San Antonio, Texas built on strong relationships.

HCT began when Owner Jerome Yeh was approached with needs that weren't met through other supply companies.   He was able to build connections to provide high quality cutting tools  at lower costs than the competition. Our company belief became to never accept a low quality product to make an extra dollar.  

As the relationships and trusts grew, more products were brought in from Taiwan and China. This led to creating our own product inspection teams in both Taiwan and China before goods are even loaded onto the ship. In many cases, our teams inspected the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality.

We pride ourself providing consistent high quality tool and supply items for our customers.

Over the past 20 years, Jerome has visited almost every cutting tool sharpening shop in the 50 States and Canada. He knows the needs of the end users which is why he created this online store - a "worry free" cutting tool shopping experience at an affordable cost.  If the quality of a tool is what matters most to you,  you have come to the right place.

HCT Difference

What sets us apart is our persistent desire to provide the highest quality tools.  We believe in the integrity of our tools and will help you every step of the way in your business or DIY project.  We will help answer any questions you may have.  Visit our contact page or review our store policies page for more information.

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Router Bits

Let Hill Country Tool Company supply you with the best Router bits on the market. Do your trimming, rabbeting, or grooving on solid wood, plastic or panel materials. These can be used on hand held or CNC routers.

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Saw Blades

Hill Country Tool manufactures saw blades with an emphasis on flat plates. Our modern heat treating facility ensures high quality saw plates. Every plate is machine vision checked, tensioned , then hammered by trained technicians.

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