Straight Router Bits

Hill Country Tool router bits are made with high tensile steel bodies and precision-ground shanks. Each batch of production is optically checked for super sharp edge grinding. We also manufacture custom bits upon request.


Edge & Grooving Bits

If you are working on custom designs, finish the project easily with your choice of Edge and Grooving bits. You'll find the right bit for your project here. Create any kind of furniture or millwork design with these bits.


Door & Window Bits

These bits can create elegant glass panel cabinets, any unique entry and interior door design or ensure smooth gluing surface for window designs. Perfect for creating beautiful stiles, rails, sashes, or muntins.


Joinery Bits

These bits are designed to join wood work beautifully. Examples of joining bits are dovetail, rabbet, butterfly and biscuit joining. We carry many different others joinery bits to suit your building needs.


Solid Surface Bits

Our bits are designed to protect finished edges and deliver a smooth clean look. Create decorative inlays, bullnose profiles, and many other designs. We can turn any router bit you may need into a solid surface bit.


Flush Trim Bits

These commercial high grade quality trim bits are designed for fast feed rates and maximum chip clearance. These work on many different materials such as soft woods, hard woods and plywood.


Saw Blades

Hill Country Tool manufactures saw blades with an emphasis on flat plates. Our modern heat treating facility ensures high quality saw plates. Every plate is machine vision checked, tensioned , then hammered by trained technicians.


HCT Difference

What sets us apart is our persistent desire to provide the highest quality tools.  We believe in the integrity of our tools and will help you every step of the way in your business or DIY project.  We will help answer any questions you may have.  Visit our contact page or review our store policies page for more information.

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Are you unsure of what you are looking for?  Do you need help making a decision with a suitable size for your project?  Contact us with any questions you may have.  We want this to be a worry free purchase!

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Wholesale orders

Hill Country Tool supplies wholesale router bits and saw blades locally in the United States and Canada.  We provide high quality products at very competitive pricing.  We welcome Private Label and Custom made cutting tools for your customers.   Contact us for more information on how we can supply your company with the abundance you need.

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    Having trouble locating or replacing a discontinued part? We can custom fabricate parts for you! Find out if we can help you through our contact page.  

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    HCTC makes tools for companies that we are starting to offer to the public.  This list will grow so make sure you keep stopping by.